Renting Backlink Works!

This we know. And they work so well because it’s extremely worth it for an SEO provider to keep the website in good shape. Feeding it a bit of content once a month – and having 15 people paying $40/month for a backlink per website he owns means he doesn’t even need to rank websites. And you’re getting clean, quality backlinks – so everyone is happy, right?

Everyone is happy until you realize you’ve created a bit of a hostage situation between your backlink provider and your properties. If your website reaches X monthly revenue, you’ll be paying Y month in costs just to maintain your revenue. And if you wish to expand? Your costs go up again – significantly, to maintain your new ranking keyword positions.

People who rent backlinks tend to pay 30-45% of their websites total Revenue of it’s Lifetime Value, on average. While being at the mercy of your provider at all times.

Why should I rent-to-own?

Instead of gouging you for every last penny you have in your SEO budget – all the backlinks you rent for any of your projects for 6 months, BECOMES YOUR PERMANENT PLACEMENT.

This means any links you rent for 6 months – which are obviously working for you, become permanent placements WITHOUT you paying for them anymore. So you can enjoy more revenue from the website you built – and hopefully start 3 more projects, continuing to rent your editorial links from us.

This is the Best Service for smart, Budget-Minded SEOers who Don’t Have Large Wallets for Projects Yet.

Why are we different? What we do?

We only sell links on real sites with real traffic – No Joke, you are not going to find better links anywhere.
Best Related Articles

We pick out the best articles we have related to your niche – and place your links naturally inside the content, editorial-link-style.
We do best to fill your niche

If it’s extremely specific, we broaden the scope of our scrape. If we don’t have articles about kitten mittens which happens to be your strange-niche order, we’ll scrape for articles about kittens.
Provide Complete Reports

Give you a complete report of your backlinks after the order is complete.
Replace Missing Links

Replace any missing links during the duration of your order AND for 12 months afterwards if you’ve reached the 6 month rental period and received the permanent placements.

Other then our beautylicious rent-to-own concept – this service works like every other backlink rental service. Order, recieve your backlinks, pay for them monthly, cancel an order anytime you’re not seeing the intended results, and so on.
  • We’ve established relationships with our network of thousands of real bloggers over the last 5 years.
  • Thousands of real hobby bloggers and professionals blogging means we can fill almost any niche you might need backlinks for. Except the illegal ones. No pharma, adult, gambling, etc.
  • Because these are real websites from real bloggers, they’re all unique, in look, feel and content – and are ofcourse all hosted across 1000s of individual A-B class IPs.
  • A combined total of something like 10,000 YEARS of content (if you combine the age of each blog of each of our bloggers in the network.)
  • And you can ask me for a sample website or two in your niche to get a better idea before you order, anytime!
  • Give out our inventory list at random.
  • Rent or sell individual links. Only packages.
  • Switch out individual links for others in the packages for cosmetic/feely reasons, since this creates an entire hassle of nit-pick details. We know what we’re doing. If one of the placements happens to be nofollow (which is natural in a backlink profile in our opinion), we’re happy to switch it out for another site. But if you don’t “feel” like this placement is “relevant enough” – we’ve been doing this a long time, and it’s the best placement we’ve got in our network. Don’t make an Amazon site about kitten mittens the next time.

We use Chargbee to process our credit card payments.
No Sensitive data is ever transmitted to or is stored on our servers so you are fully secure!”

What do we do after you place an order?

Check out the following steps we take after we receive your order details.